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Reschedule notice email templates you can copy / paste

We have a total of 1 email templates for Reschedule notice ready to be used... choose a tone from the list below and send it with your email client of choice. Pro tip... Mailbird is a great choice.

When to use Reschedule notice email templates?

Reschedule notice are great to use anytme.

Reschedule notice email template in casual speaking tone

A reschedule notice template with a casual tone will convey a relaxed and friendly approach in informing recipients about a change of plans. It may use informal language and a light-hearted tone to ensure a casual and non-intimidating communication style.

Subject Line: Can we please reschedule? [Original Meeting Date & Time]


I'm sorry I can no longer meet with you at [Date & Time].

By any chance are you available on the following dates?

[New Date] at [New Time]
[New Date] at [New Time]

If not, feel free to send me your availability and I will work to find a copasetic time for both of us.

Again, my apologies for any inconvenience. I look forward to meeting with you soon!


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