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Apology for an error email templates you can copy / paste

We have a total of 2 email templates for Apology for an error ready to be used... choose a tone from the list below and send it with your email client of choice. Pro tip... Mailbird is a great choice.

When to use Apology for an error email templates?

Apology for an error are great to use anytme.

Apology for an error email template in casual speaking tone

The template for an apology email with a casual tone can be expected to have a friendly and informal language. It will convey sincerity and regret for the error made, while maintaining a relaxed and approachable tone. The use case involves apologizing for a mistake in a manner that is more personal and less formal.

Subject Line: Oops! Sorry about my last email!


Please excuse the email blunder. It looks like some wires got crossed! Hopefully, this hasn't caused any inconvenience, but if it has, I am so sorry. Thanks for being cool about it.


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Apology for an error email template in formal speaking tone

The template for apologizing for an error with a formal tone is expected to convey a sincere and professional apology. It will use respectful language while expressing regret and taking responsibility for the mistake. The tone will reflect a mature and serious approach, focusing on rectifying the error and maintaining a professional relationship.

Subject Line: Deepest Apologies


Please excuse my previous email. It appears it was sent by mistake. I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you for understanding.


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