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Cold email book meeting email templates you can copy / paste

We have a total of 2 email templates for Cold email book meeting ready to be used... choose a tone from the list below and send it with your email client of choice. Pro tip... Mailbird is a great choice.

When to use Cold email book meeting email templates?

Cold email book meeting are great to use anytme.

Cold email book meeting email template in casual speaking tone

This template with a casual tone is designed for cold emails with the purpose of booking a meeting. It creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, making the recipient feel comfortable and more likely to respond positively. The language used in the template is informal and conversational, allowing the sender to establish a connection with the reader.

Subject Line: [Name], let's chat!


My name is [Name], and I'm with [Company Name], a [Purpose of Company].

We've worked with dozens customers like you, who are looking for [Unique Selling Point or Problem to Solve].

Are you free for a chat around [Time Options]? I'd love to hear more about [Customer's Company Name].

Whether or not there's an opportunity to work together, we can at least share the leading [Year] strategies and serve as a sounding board for your team.


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Cold email book meeting email template in formal speaking tone

This template is designed for a formal cold email use case to book a meeting. The tone of the template is professional and polite, maintaining a formal approach throughout the message. It provides a structured format to effectively communicate the intention of requesting a meeting while maintaining the desired level of formality.

Subject Line: Fast support for [Customer Company Name]


My name is [Name], and I'm with [Company Name], a [Purpose of Company].

I'm reaching out because we've been able to help companies in similar situations to yours.

Would you be available to meet for a few minutes at [Time]?

I'd love the opportunity to learn more about your work and share ours with you.

I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to your response.


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